Safety Tips

Be safe and plan ahead

Yes you’re suppose to be on vacation and camping is fun, but let's be real - life still happens. Establishing rules, boundaries and guidelines are imperative.

When you arrive at camp, take a leisurely walk around your campground and observe. Take notice in nature's beauty and some fun things to do, but also scope out where the camp host and bathrooms are located compared to your site; observe the other campers; find the trash bins and where you clean the dishes. And then head back to your site and go over your camping rules before you let the kids go and start setting up...

  1. Don’t let your kids go to the bathroom facility alone. Either go with them and check the stalls, or have a buddy system.
  2. Find an alternative “home base” in case there is an emergency.
  3. Establish boundaries of how far they can go or where they can ride.
  4. Equip your kids with fun walkie talkies or cell phones so you can keep tabs on them if they are out of site.
  5. Remind them that "Stranger Danger" still applies while camping. That means NOT going into other campers, campsites, taking food/candy from them, having strangers distract them with cute, fuzzy pets.
  6. For the adults... Keep you car keys near you at all times. That fancy alarm can come in handy and it's sure to wake up the entire campground if there's an emergency.
  7. Lock your car doors. Don't leave your cell phone, iPads, purse visible. Don't leave anything of value in a tent or camper - always have it on you or locked in your car. Better yet... Don't bring anything of value camping!!! You don't need it.
  8. Have fun. Use your common sense.

We have had some great experiences camping and meeting new people. It is a great community - camping people - they truly know how to relax and enjoy the small things in life. You will too!

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