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Big Sur
(831) 667-2322

A good time waiting to happen!

Rating 4-5 - the reasons this campground doesn't have 5 stars is no cell service and closest grocery store is 30 minutes away. 

AHH-MAZING experience.... the campground is tucked in a canyon surrounded by tall red trees, a river you can tube down, ice cream at the snack shack, a basketball court and large playground, and nice warm showers with no quarter timer!!

Big Sur reservations extend for many years out and you have to call (or be there) to get a spot. They don't except credit cards for reservations, so be prepared to send a check. I like their style but with no call waiting, it can be a bit irritating hearing the busy tone when you're trying to get through. Patience is a virtue for this campground - worth every penny. Fun times for all ages. 

My favorite spot is being along the river. They have different spots for campers and tents; and they also have preset tents, shacks and cabins too! In my opinion, any spot is great. They are generous and thoughtful when laying out the campground. 

Would I go again? I book every summer... so YES. It's worth the drive. Make sure to hit up grocery store in Carmel before dropping into Big Sur. So much to do!! Bring bikes, remote control cars, board games, hiking boots, tubes and floats... with no cell service, you can actually interact with your peeps or just simply relax!


Big Sur Campground

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