Easy Camping Meals

Camping Meals Made Easy

Don’t let camp-side cooking freak you out... Camping is ultimately about getting back to basics and simplifying your life. Your camping meals can be just that - quality, healthy meals. Tip: Don't cook over a bonfire. Start a fire and let the wood burn for about 30-60 minutes (depends on wood, weather conditions, etc) till you got some continuous heat from low flames and hot coals. And don't forget to maintain the fire while cooking!

  • Cut up some stir-fry veggies before you leave, and throw them in a cast iron pan over hot coals in the fire pit.
  • Use a grate over the fire pit just like you would use your BBQ... Tri-tip, fish, hamburgers... you name it! To guarantee the grate cleanliness and rack spacing, bring your own.
  • Skewer some hot dogs or bratwurst - easy dinner for kids to make
  • Boil water and throw in pasta - I suggest Angel hair (cooks up faster)
  • Garlic bread in foil is great to take camping. Make sure to place over hot coals vs open flames. Really easy to burn if you don't pay attention.

Anything you can do on a stove top you can do on a fire pit. Just have to have more patience and pre-plan.

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