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Headquarters Campground

Sequoia National Forest, Kernville
(760) 376-1815

Primitive-ly fun!

Rating 4-5 - it gets a rating of 4 compared to other primitive spots because there was at least running water.

I stayed in a tent at this campground - in March - buurrrrr…. it was cold at night! Good reminder to check the weather before camping. It’s not fun to tent camp in the rain, cold or wind as a mom. You will have a great story to tell but pure misery in the process - LOL!

I loved how this campground is nestled around the trees and big rocks verses the county clearing room for campers. Let’s not disturb nature. We had fun setting up camp under a tree, checking for rocks before placing down your tent and starting a fire truly outside with a dozen stars all around. Gorgeous! But with that said… the concrete out houses were a bit creepy and stinky. I recommend bringing your own toilet with crystals and showering when you get home.

About 15 minutes away was the little town of Kern River. Simply adorable… nice parks, shopping, cafes and of course the river for kayaking. Warning - this river is no joke. Not something you want your kids swimming in, they will be swept away. There are several campgrounds in the area that are either on the river or off… I recommend doing some research based on your family and the age of your kids.

Would I go again? YES. I had a good time and would probably explore another campground. Why not?

Headquarters Campground

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