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Off the Grid

Unplug and find your peace. Easier said than done…. Our lives are busy. We all have various responsibilities and provide at different levels. Some of us have pets with no kids, pets with one child or more, or we live in a circus everyday. We need to untap, unplug, unwind and relocate.

Camping can be hard work – especially if you have terrible weather – or camping can be just what your family needed. It’s all about your perspective. If you’re dreading going camping, then most likely you’ll have an awful time. If you’re looking forward to a change of pace, you’ll probably have a great time. Get my drift?

Find your happy medium. If camping means muffins and oatmeal for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch and ordering pizza to deliver at the campsite for dinner – do it! Relax. Enjoy this time with nature and your friends and/or kids. Bring games, card games, books, crafts, knitting, drawing/painting supplies… Escape for a weekend and see how you feel. You might surprise yourself.

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