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Wheeler Gorge

(805) 640-1977

Primitive yet gorgeous!

Rating 3-5 - the reasons this campground doesn't have 5 stars is no cell service, no running water, no hook-ups and closest town is 20 minutes down the hill. And when I say no water, I mean no drinking water, no spickets for cleaning, no sinks, and no showers. 

This little campground is quaint and if you want to escape into the Ojai Mountains, you picked the right place. So lush with vegetation, a quiet stream and overall very peaceful. You do need to bring enough water for not only drinking and cooking with, but also for cleaning dishes and freshen up at night. The bathrooms are a concrete out house - definitely gets the job done but plug your nose!

You can reserve spots online through The campground weaves around trees and over streams, and offers large spots - you definitely don't feel like you're intruding on anyone's space. I suggest booking a spot more in the heart of the campground verses along the street edge. Vehicles tend to race through the canyon and generate a bit of noise on that road. 

Would I go again? YES! The Thomas Fires recently swept through this campsite... once it recovers a bit, we will be back.


Wheeler Gorge Campground

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